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OneStake is 1inch in the field of yield protocols.
et the highest APR on single staking.

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Presentation of OneStake Protocol and its mechanics.


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Principle of work Unistake. Explanation of mechanics.

One Protocol to Rule them all.
One Protocol to Rule them all.

Principle of work

OneStake solves every problem for the average or professional DeFi user, from finding new secure high APR protocols to rebalancing and reinvesting profits. The DAO is whitelisting the protocols and assets that OneStake will interact with. Assets from each group are aggregated into one pool. So, the protocol will have three pools: stablecoin, bitcoin, and ether.

Each of these pools will include a number of whitelisted tokens that meet the criteria for this group. Investing in a pool, a user can enter funds into the protocol in any asset that is included in this pool, and the protocol itself will produce swaps for the desired type of stablecoin or wrap-token, which the strategy is currently using.


Every 4 hours, OneStake analyzes the current APR for all assets of all whitelisted protocols.


The protocol calculates the capital allocation in such a way as to achieve the maximum APR. It is done by simulating the resulting APR, taking into account the impact of additional investment in provider pools. After the most efficient distribution has been found, the rebalancing costs are calculated. If the rebalancing costs more than the critical value, then a new recalculation of the effective distribution is performed. If the cost of rebalancing is within acceptable limits, then the rebalancing itself begins.


Every 2 hours, the protocol collects staking rewards unless the protocol reinvests them, sells them, and reinvests them back into the pools.

Principle of work

DEFI 2.0

iUSD:Reserved by profit

OneStake uses the unparalleled aToken mechanics developed by Aave. This mechanic of interest-bearing tokens has shown itself well and solves the main problems associated with gas costs. A OneStake user simply stakes one of the stablecoins into the stable pool and receives iUSD token in return. The token is a part of the protocol’s TVL, and the generated profit is paid out in the form of new iUSD, which are minted upon profit-making from providers.

For example: iUSD consists of MIM that is staked in the MIMcrv pool with 16.86% APR. At the moment of rebalancing, OneStake finds another pool with a higher APR — FraxCrv pool with 21.5% APR. OneStake performs rebalancing and swaps MIM in FRAX using Curve Finance. After that, OneStake creates FraxCRV and stakes it on Convex. After this rebalancing iUSD generates the highest APR at the moment and is backed by whitelisted stablecoin — FRAX and 3CRV.

iUSD: APR Boost

The highest yield in DeFi

Despite the high APR within the OneStake protocol itself, this is only the beginning. Soon after the launch of the protocol, an iUSD/3CRV pool will be created on Curve, which will provide proper liquidity for iUSD. This will allow you to get iUSD at lower fees as it will be just a swap. In addition to the base return (internal return of iUSD), there will be added returns from trading commissions with Curve, and, in the future, CRV itself. Also, to stimulate liquidity, liquidity providers will receive rewards in OST.

iETH: Best collateral

iETH: Best collateral

iETH and iBTC tokens (or their representations in LP tokens) are the best assets for securing loans. Since within the ecosystem, iToken yields are generated and rebalanced between the best DeFi protocols, iETH or iBTC will always generate the highest yield in collateral, which will automatically increase the Health Ratio.

Stake ETH in OneStake, get the highest APR in the DeFi and ETH market. Use iETH in a lending protocol to borrow a stablecoin. Stake a stablecoin in OneStake, get the highest return on it. As a result, you get a unique strategy with the highest APR, which automatically rebalances and pays profits in iUSD directly to your wallet.



Unistake is the second product of OneStake Finance. While OneStake allows stakers to get the highest and most stable APRs, Unistake allows you to get the highest profitability on Uniswap v3 with automatic rebalancing, changing concentrated liquidity, and choosing the most relevant pools.

Unistake is a smart protocol for the automatic providing and management of liquidity on Uniswap v3. Unistake is a fully automated protocol that allows you to distribute capital between the pools that were whitelisted by the DAO, and timely rebalance positions both within LP and between pools, thus achieving the highest APR.

Unistake: Principle of work

1. Every 4 hours, Unistake analyzes the Volume, TVL and Volatility of all pool.

2. The protocol finds pools with the highest efficiency ratio, which calculates as Fees/TVL.

3. After that, the protocol calculates the volatility of each pair and calculates APR of providing concentrated liquidity within an average of 1-day volatility.

4. The protocol finds the best pools which generate the highest APRs within predefined ranges.

5. Every 4 hours, Unistake rebalances position and its ranges to get the highest APR.


Treasury. Buyback. Liquidity.




Total Supply
24,000,000 OST


1. Governance—voting for the implementation of new protocols or assets and launching the distribution of tokens in case of inefficiency.

2. Incentives for providing liquidity.

3. Additional staking rewards in case of inefficiency

Working with
the best

Revenue model

The protocol charges two types of fees: Performance Fee and Streaming Fee.

Fees are used for OST buyback and distribution in case of inefficiency. The commission is divided into two parts.:

50% is used for OST buybacks and Reserve Fund accumulation.

50% goes to the developer of the strategy.





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